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Celtec Used For Wagons Expanded PVC

Celtec Used For Wagons Expanded PVC

Posted by Distributor Service Inc. on Oct 13th 2020

While many craftsmen see Vycom Celtec® expanded PVC as a material for building displays and signage, Emery E. Weaver of Weaver Wagons in Mount Eaton, Ohio uses the versatile substrate to craft high-end wagons for transportation.

Built by Amish craftsmen, these modern-day horse-drawn carts are designed to transport visitors through scenic venues like Central Park or downtown Las Vegas. From Conestoga models that would make the pioneers proud, to large weather-resistant carts that any Clydesdale would love to pull, Weaver Wagons builds quality carts that can cost up to $25,000.

Two years ago, Weaver was using a different product to build his wagons. However, he was having issues because the old material was not laying flat and it caused difficulties when applying finish. That is when his Distributor Service, Inc. (DSI) salesperson suggested that Celtec would be a perfect fit for his business because it is smooth, lays flat and lends itself to easy painting. Seeing the advantages, Weaver Wagons gave Celtec a shot and loved it.

DSI is a wholesaler of Celtec® Expanded PVC in all of its eight locations. The material has several advantages for commercial casework, outdoor-kitchen cabinetry, store fixtures, exhibits and kiosks, point-of-purchase displays and more. Celtec® Expanded PVC Advantages • Easy to Fabricate, Paint or Laminate • Lightweight • Excellent Fastening Characteristics • Excellent Fire Properties • Superior UV Performance • Custom colors and sizes available • All Materials Produced in the US

This environmentally friendly material is also lightweight, easy to fabricate and it complies with FDA Incidental Food Contact guidelines. For more information on Celtec® Expanded PVC, contact your DSI sales person.